California Lobbying Firm: How We Work

With government oversight increasing in every aspect of life, success in business is earned just as much in the capitol as it is in the corporate board room.  As a top lobbying firm we offer effective advocacy and consulting to help our clients attain their goals by successfully communicating their vision to lawmakers and other decision makers.

At Advocacy & Consulting, our clients’ business is our business. We begin by investing ourselves into learning about our clients and how they measure their own success.

Whether increasing a client’s visibility with legislative and government officials, or advancing the interests of a client on a particular issue, the methodology is the same:

  • Understand the need
  • Carefully prepare a strategy
  • Develop a plan to implement the strategy
  • Successfully execute the strategy

At Advocacy & Consulting we work closely with our clients to build a strategic plan to achieve their goals.  Our California advocates have a proven track record of setting realistic goals and working successfully with each client to determine the best outcome within the framework of the current political environment.  Our team of seasoned California lobbyists and skilled public relations strategists regularly meet and talk about where our clients want to be, and how to get them there.

We recognize our mission is to be assertive lobbyists for our clients, while always maintaining the integrity and professional standards that they have set for themselves.  This is how we have built our business, and this is how we help our clients protect and expand their business.